Trying to get your Cisco device going?

Have a look at IFM's cookbook of common Cisco configurations.

IFM supplies network engineering services for $NZ180+GST per hour. If you require assistance with designing or engineering a Cisco network - hire us!

Cisco New Zealand ADSL and UFB Configurations

Suitable for the Cisco 820, SOHO97, 830, 850, 870 and 897 series routers.

Cisco Password Cracker

To break a type 7 Cisco password.

Cisco IOS Enable Secret Password Cracker

To break a type 5 Cisco password.

Password Generator

To make passwords you can remember.

IPSec Pre-shared Key (PSK) Generator

To make pre-shared keys without having to ever exchange the actual key.

Configure a router for IKEv2 and AnyConnect

and with Suite-B Cryptography!

Got a config file, 

but not sure how to load it onto a Cisco router?

How to do port forwarding

for sites with internal servers..

AnyConnect Profile Editor

Need to create an AnyConnect profile?