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My computers have been infected.

We need a two phased safety net.  First we need Trend Antivirus on all of your computers.  We also need to secure your Internet access with a Cisco Meraki MX security appliance.

I need to provide a WiFi network.

We can deploy a Cisco Meraki WiFi network.  All of the devices are controlled by the cloud for easy management and security, and you can have near Gigabit connection speeds.

I need someone to look after my Cisco network.

IFM offer a flat rate management service called help@ifm.  We monitor your network, make any configuration changes remotely for you, and cover you against hardware failure.

I'm a reseller and need Cisco help with one of my customers.

We love working with resellers. We have reseller rates and can help you deliver the best outcome for your customer.

I need some help with Amazon AWS and EC2.

We use the Amazon cloud every day and can help you get your solution deployed.

I need help with our IT.

We can help you fix a problem, deploy a new solution or plan out your change.  We have tools that allow us to fix most issues remotely.

I need to provide access to a centralised application.

We can provide remote users or other branches with a connection back to your office, data centre or the Amazon cloud.

I need a new phone system.

We will connect up 2Talk and Microsoft Teams to give you a cloud based phone system.  You can work from the office or home.

I need to buy a traditional Cisco or a Cisco Meraki device.

Send us your part numbers and we'll help you out.