Stratos Global

Challenge Roll out an IP network to Pitcairn Island so that the Island residents could enjoy Internet access like that of the developed world.

Solution Stratos Global took the lead on the project supplying the satellite capacity to make the project a possibility. IFM deployed Cisco equipment on each end of the circuit to provide QoS, protect the satellite link from the Internet, and provide transparent caching to improve the appearance of the link performance,

Clinical Advisory Services Aotearoa

Challenge Provide a high availability platform for email and database applications accessible from anywhere.

Solution A Server 2008 cluster on IBM servers and an IBM SAN was deployed, and Hyper-V used to virtualise all the servers on top of that. Clustering the virtual machines enabled applications that otherwise did not support high availability take advantage of such technology without any changes.

Max Birt Sawmills

Challenge Provide access to centralised infrastructure from remote locations.

Solution A 3G network from the remote Sawmill was deployed with a VPN back to the head office and the Amazon cloud. We moved all the servers into the cloud, providing fast and reliable services for the business to operate.